Destination Courchevel

When Courchevel was first established in 1946 it was the result of a rather mad gamble. Its founders were thinking on a grand (even monumental) scale. Nearly 70 years later, Courchevel has proved them right. With unbounded exuberance it holds its own amongst the towering peaks that surround it. The Trois Vallées ski area, to which Courchevel belongs, is the largest in the world and is spread over five different resorts. Each one has something exceptional to offer. The first is Saint-Bon at 1100 metres, followed by the typically alpine and very charming Courchevel Le Praz (1300 metres), then Courchevel 1550 which provides direct access to Courchevel 1850 and lastly Courchevel, the “jewel in the crown”. With 150 kilometres of slopes and 71 ski lifts, the resorts are an ideal destination for mountain lovers, experienced skiers or beginners, hikers, or those who simply wish to enjoy the picture postcard panoramas. Courchevel’s architecture reflects its pioneering character (it is the only French resort to contain 6 buildings included in the French Historic Monuments register). It retains the traditional charm of its early years while being constantly kept up to date and modernised so that visitors can live the dream whatever the season. Its panoramic views over the Swiss and Italian Alps are breathtaking. Courchevel’s 61 hectare ski area features 150 kilometres of slopes of which 20% are green, 36% blue, 36% red and 8% black. Skiers can enjoy the use of 71 ski lifts, of which 30 are button-lifts, drag-lifts and carpet-lifts, 20 are 4-seater chair-lifts, 12 are cable-cars, 6 are 2-seater chair-lifts and 3 are 3-seater chair-lifts. Since 8 September 2011 the resort names have dropped their altitudes: Le Praz has become Courchevel Le Praz, while Courchevel 1550 now bears the name of Courchevel Village. Courchevel 1650 is now Courchevel Moriond, while Courchevel 1850 is simply Courchevel. As always, visitors can expect a magical experience. And whatever your level of skills and your interpretation of snow sports, you will feel at home in Courchevel.